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Rediscover being yourself.
EAT PLAY WORKS offers many unique programs to stimulate the curiosity of even adults who know how to have fun. Fun things and various encounters start here.
Don't you have a feeling that every day will be an exciting new beginning?


Productivity starts with a healthy body and mind

Are you feeling a bit fuzzy and can't seem to get any work done? If that the case, meditation may be is the best way to relax your mind and refocus. We offer members-only programs such as the "Suwaru Mindfulness Meditation" by world-renowned meditation teacher Nirmal Raj Gyawali and the "Sound Bath Program" by Hiko Konami, who worked as a sound therapist and mindfulness teacher in New York city. The public is welcome to join us and enjoy the "exercise of the mind".


Sowing the seeds of creativity

"EAT PLAY WORKS programs" will hold exclusive events around the themes of "EAT" "PLAY" and "WORK". Expect to see original programs that will satisfy our members' intellectual curiosity and stimulate their creative minds.


At one with nature or in the city, that is your creative space



Japan's first members only glamping club "TOKYO CLASSIC CAMP". Just an hour from the city center, the wilderness is a natural base for adults to free their minds and bodies. Spend the summer in a private pool and entertain your friends in a comfortable cabin in the winter. This is your own personal "Town & Country", perfect for working and playing. We have a special programs available for EAT PLAY WORKS members, so please feel free to take advantage of it them.


Afan Forest

C.W. Nicol experienced nature all over the world. In Kurohime, Nagano Prefecture, he has brought back to life the original landscape of a Japanese forest. Afan, a Welsh word meaning "place where the wind blows", was born out of a strong desire to reclaim the nature of Japan. This forest, isolated from everyday life, gently envelops you whether you are spending time alone, at a camp with work colleagues or with your family. We hope you'll enjoy this rare experience of true wilderness that is only available to our members.


Professional at connecting professionals

EAT PLAY WORKS offers a full range of business support programs. In addition to introductions between members, we can also introduce you to accounting services and professional support services such as lawyers and judicial scriveners.


Salt Group

"The MOON", which offers a wonderful view ,"THE INNOCENT CARVERY" with service in a sophisticated space, and "AKIRA at JAPAN HOUSE London", a place to introduce Japanese food culture, are just a few of the "new experiences we offer". The Salt Group is challenging itself every day to deliver, and we are pleased to offer a special members-only discount program (10% off) for dining services in Tokyo, Japan and around the world. Please feel free to use this program to entertain your guests, explore gastronomy or celebrate your family's special occasions. Just ask the concierge for information on eligible locations and reservations!

Becoming a member of EAT PLAY WORKS opens up your world of work and play.
We offer a variety of opportunities to work and play when and where you want to, whether in the city or at one with nature.
Stay tuned for more to come!