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About Member's Lounge

Nothing, but Everything.

The third and fourth floors are the Member's Lounge,
where you will find everything you need
to actively enjoy every aspect of work and life.

You can find a sofa where you can sink in to your reading,
a quiet place to immerse yourself in meditation,
a wide open terrace to spend an afternoon with your dog
or an evening with your friends.

What more is there to want??

About Membership

So this is the place for the creative person in you.

What all our members have in common is their creative mindset. This is a place where people have the manners and openness to enjoy meeting people, connecting with nature, expanding their worlds, and creating new opportunities . We believe that people who think interestingly are always one step ahead of the times and fully aware of their surroundings, and people around them.

We ask for your understanding of and cooperation with the conditions for EPW Membership so that this place will continue to be a Great Place for all members.

Please adhere to etiquette to maintain the use and comfort of EAT PLAY WORKS by our members and their guests.

  • We value our Membership and do not require formal attire.
  • To protect your privacy, please be considerate in the use of cameras, video devices, and social networking sites.
  • Please communicate with us in a moral manner. Please use moderation when approaching people you do not know.