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Nothing, but Everything.

There is nothing here except everything you need

The third and fourth floors are the Member's Lounge, where you will find everything you need to actively enjoy every aspect of work and life. You can find a sofa where you can sink in to your reading, a quiet place to immerse yourself in meditation, a wide open terrace to spend an afternoon with your dog or an evening with your friends. What more is there to want?


A classic interior that makes you want to dress up a little more

This classic space lined with banker's lamps, has an authentic feel that makes you want to dress up little more. It's the perfect place to come to when you want to concentrate on your thoughts or work. If you need a break, drinks and snacks are available on the same floor and the terrace invites you to rest for a bit.


Simple is the best

Up to 12 people can gather comfortably in the shared meeting space. We have prepared everything you might need, including a large screen for online meetings and a whiteboard for discussion and brainstorming. We have focused on simplicity and ease of use.


Feeling the warmth of the wood

The all wood flooring space has a low and wide space design that gives you a sense of freedom. You can sit on the sofa or on the floor and chat, lie down and read a book, or spend your time in your own unique style. It invites you to take off your shoes and wear slippers or be barefoot. This is the kind of space that you were always looking for but could never find.


Eat, play and work. Adults who have gotten used to having fun will want to come here every time and stay forever. This is EAT PLAY WORKS. Enjoyable moments and new opportunities start here. Don't you have a feeling that every day will be an exciting new beginning?