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Sound Meditation by Crystal Om

Sound Therapy by Crystal Om

2nd and 4th Wednesdays 19:00-20:00(Starts from April 2022)

It is a sound therapy where you can lie down and take in the sound with an instrument such as a crystal bowl.
When you continue to be surrounded by the vibrations of the overtones, you will move away from tension and thought and enter a state of sensory dominance, and you will get deep relaxation.

I hope that these overtones will help you to heal and evolve so that you can spend calm days with a smile.

By Crystal Om


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Crystal Om

-Sound therapist, Japan Meditation Association Certified Coach-
It is characterized by using crystal bowls tuned to A=432Hz, called 'the frequency of the universe', and currently appears in events such as meditation, wellness industry, large companies and hotels.