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Gastronomic gathering.

Where deliciousness comes together

The connoisseurs who drive the world's trends gather at the gastronomical focal point "THE RESTAURANT". Eating here is synonymous with eating at a Michelin Starred restaurant. The rising star of nigiri-sushi from Ginza "Hakkoku" has opened the new store "Sushi Samurai". From Brooklyn, NY, "OXOMOCO", who received their first Michelin Star in only 5 months, "OXOMOCO". "An-Di" who sparked modern Vietnamese cuisine presents "An Com". The chef of three star Spanish "Sant Pau" had a hand in making "Gracia". These are just some examples from the impressive lineup of 17 famous restaurants. However, there is no need to feel intimidated. Imagine you are in a world famous street market where the savvy foodie eats out. Come and enjoy the stimulation of your five senses.

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