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Play Hard, Work Hard.

The fifth and sixth floors house offices for our exclusive members. The great location with extensive facilities has all you need for a your main office, but could also serve you as a second office or a private study. Our place has all that is needed for those who are looking to eat well, play well and work well.


Feeling at one with nature in the city

Even within Tokyo, Hiroo is unique. It is the result of the many layers of human interaction - historical and modern, bustling and tranquil, daytime and nightlife . A town that is enjoyable to live in is surely also a pleasure to work in.


Feel creative

What kind of space is a comfortable place where you can focus on your work? The design of the office floor space started with this simple question. A minimalist office space designed with simplicity in mind and made from quality materials. That was our answer.


Like a hotel, like a home away from home.

The soft colors and antique vibe make you feel that you are always amongst friends. Like stopping by a hotel in the European countryside or, the start of a new life in a shared house, this shared space will feel a bit fresh and exciting.