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Movie Preview “Downfall”

Movie Preview “Downfall”

On March 17, we are holding a preview of movie “REIRAKU” to EPW members.

Based on manga series “Reiraku” by Inio Asano.
Takumi Saito,Shuri,Megumi and director Noto Takenaka.

After the preview, a talk show will be held on the theme of “creator’s adolescence” by actress and entertainer,MEGUMI, who are also involved in the work as producers and art director Tetsuya Chihara.




A surprising manga that Charisma cartoonist Asano Inio made was made into a movie movie by Director Takenaka Naoto!
Saito Takumi, who plays Fukazawa Kaori, the former popular cartoonist of the main character, takes on the roll of his distorted character.
It’s Shuri who plays Chifuyu, a prostitute with cat-like eyes.
MEGUMI plays Nozomi Machida, a skillful comic editor and Fukasawa’s wife, and even unique casts such as Tina Tamashiro and Yumi Adachi decorate the screen.

From March 17th (Fri), Theatre Shinjuku and other nationwide road show.

Distributor: Nikkatsu, Happinet Phantom Studios
Cast: Takumi Saito, Shuri, Megumi, Rio Yamashita, Kazunari Tosa, Takashi Nagazumi, Yu Nobue, Karen Miyazaki, Tina Tamashiro /Yumi Adachi
The original work “Reiraku” by Inio Asano published by Shogakukan Big Comic Superior
Director: Naoto Takenaka

Official Website: https://happinet-phantom.com/reiraku/



The talk show on the theme of “creator’s adolescence” by actress and entertainer MEGUMI, who is also involved in this work as a producer, and Remon Life CEO and art director Tetsuya Chihara.

“I’m going to talk about adolescence, which is also the theme of the movie. How can adults live happily in a time when the times are changing drastically? Hope we have a wonderful night with thinking about that in this talk show. ”

MEGUMI Actress and Entertainer
Born September 25, 1981. Raised in Okayama.62nd Blue Ribbon Awards.
In recent years, she has been planning and producing videos.

Tetsuya Chihara Art Director /Representative of the design office “Lemon Life Inc.”
Born in 1975 in Kyoto. He is in charge of various genres such as advertising production, corporate branding, CD jacket, drama production, and commercial production.
And now he is working on his first film director as a new development.

3.11.2023 17:30〜20:10
Only EPW members can participate in this event.