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To a healthy calmness that people and the earth should really aim for now.
NAGIE will open its first POP UP STORE at EAT PLAY WORKS.
21AW ,Along with the development of the first autumn/winter season, we will hold a NAGIE POP UP STORE.
NAGIE is a lineup that mainly utilizes recycled PET with the theme of circulation, and is responsible for collecting used clothes, aiming for a new way of distribution by limited build-to-order manufacturing.This is a next-generation D2C project that aims to achieve a true balance between design and sustainability through proprietary materials and accessories.
Since it will be made to order, samples will be displayed at the store. Please order from the NAGIE official EC site.
Official EC sitehttps://nagi-e.com/


NAGIE(to 凪)

NAGIE aims to preserve the earth by utilizing recycled materials in its products and packaging.All products are manufactured incorporating recycled materials including recycled polyester.
NAGIE collects unused products from customers to convert them into usable material to create a ciruculation for the resources on earth.NAGIE strives to solve indsutry issues such as over production and waste by incorporating a built-to-order manufacturing system.We believe that developing products that are both enviornment friendly and meets the desire of the sensible will empower the minds of the people, leading to greater sustainability.
Official EC site:https://nagi-e.com/en/