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Movie Screening “You Are Lit”

Movie Screening “You Are Lit”

The movie “You Are Lit” will be released sequentially in Shibuya Cinequint and other movie theaters on August 4th. The special preview will be held for EPW members.

After the screening, a talk show will be held by Momoko Fukuda, the director of the film, and Takayuki Kiyota, a writer and the representative of ‘Momoyama Shoji’.

You Are Lit


A sisterhood story about two women who give up hope and look for a strange ‘Burning Man’.
Director Momoko Fukuda affirms “The person who I want to shoot the most in the world is Nuno Uraji.”. Nuno Uraji(Urajinuno) appears in many movies and dramas with her unique appearance and clear acting skills that you will never forget once you see her.
And what Fukuda chose as a story that Urajinuno looks most attractive in the movie was a short story “You Are Lit” by Nishi Kanako, a writer who Fukuda loved deeply.
Director Momoko Fukuda boldly adapted the original and made it into a movie.

The short version of this work is re-edited and nominated for live action at the Short Film Festival & Asia 2023. It was selected for screening in the Asia International & Japan program.

We are always hurt and in despair. But we are the only best friends.
Under the overpass of Koenji. There are two woman who are Nashida and Hamanaka and they dance wildly to upbeat dance tunes with their armpit hair exposed. They are the only best friends.
Public bath in Koenji.
The two are hurt and angry at the daily oppression of women, such as ‘the serious love between a man in his 50s and a girl in his 14’, ‘the politician’s contempt for women’, and ‘ the problem that Medical school deducted points from exam scores of only female applicants’.

By accident, the two started to release themselves by growing their armpit hair and dancing.For myself, not for anyone.
Then one day, Hamanaka heard the rumor of “Burning Man” who only appears around Koenji.They set out in search of him. Who is this man with blazing feet?

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Momoko Fukuda
Born in 1991 in Osaka. Her favorite writer is Kanako Nishi.
She directed the films titled “Oishii kazoku,” “Kimi ga sekai no hajimari,” and “Zutto dokushin de iru tsumori?”
She won Shueisha’s Subaru Literary Award for “En” in 2016, which became her debut work as a novelist.
She wrote and directed a stage play “Yoru dakega tomodachi” in 2020.
While being active in various filed including film, literature, and theatrical play, she gave birth to her first child in 2020. She is a creator always looking at the world with a new sense of value.

Takayuki Kiyota
Twitter: @momoyama_radio

July 4th 18:45-20:30 (18:30)