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Back to origin, Return to your true self

Back to origin, Return to your true self

Ocean, the Beginning of the earth. Treat yourself the underwater experience with the Guinness world record holder Ai Futaki along with the meditation guided by Dr. Nirmal.

Before Birth, we were all in the state of meditation inside the ocean (amniotic fluid) of our mother. By consciously keeping yourself in this normal state of mind, your mind will be quite and stable, and you will be in a well-balanced state with extreme amount of energy from the inside. This is what the event is all about.

Projectors will be set to give you ocean like feeling in the 4th floor lounge.


Ai Futaki

Guinness world record holder in skin diving. One of the biggest aqua artist in Japan and aboard, she has always been on the world stage as a bridge between underwater and land. Instead of using any air cylinders, she dives into the sea just like a mammal and by blending into them, she becomes of them and sometimes become the photographer herself. This process expresses such a connection that `we are a part of the nature and live in the nature.

Facebook : www.facebook.com/aifutaki