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【WORKSHOP】 Unconditional Self Love Workshop Series by AYA JEAN
PART I “How to Raise Your Vibration”

Unconditional Self Love Workshop Series by AYA JEAN
PART I “How to Raise Your Vibration”

* Energy givers, Energy takers, and “frenemies” (enemies who pretend to be your friends): their characteristics & how to distinguish among them
* Gossiping & complaining make us unattractive
* Changing our self-talk to change our lives

What is a vibration?
A vibration is the energy emitted through all forms of existence, also referred to as an “aura.” When we sense that our vibes don’t match with others’, they are neither good or bad – that is just how it is.
Our Universe is ALWAYS responding to the thoughts we have. By consciously raising our vibrations regularly, we will allow for all the wonderful things, opportunities, and people to flow into our lives effortlessly, continuously. It is THE Law.
On the other hand, when we feel that nothing is working for us despite our efforts, or we are never enough, our Universe also responds to these requests – faithfully.
Thus, working on our spiritual fitness by elevating our vibrations is no different to reducing our body fat & increasing our muscles through physical fitness. As long as we continue our training, we will maintain our optimal condition (& when we stop, we’re back to square one).
Our daily training is EVERYTHING. All we need is to feel the “right” way. We can learn to enjoy our lives more fully by simply allowing for things to unfold as they should/would, with ease to let the miracles in.
What to bring: An open heart & an open mind
Note: Please prepare your questions (if any) as the workshop will be held in a discussion format throughout.



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Nice to meet you! I'm AYA JEAN.
I’m a Style Coach based in Tokyo for globally influential change agents & a Confidence Coach focusing on women's empowerment. My main clients for Confidence Coaching programs are women with career-, relationship-, parenting- & lifestyle-related concerns, while clients for Style Coaching are top public speakers from various fields in & out of Japan.
My coaching program for women is called the “Femme Fatale Program,” (men’s version, the “Homme Fatal Program”) based on the kind of woman I aspire to be - strong, open & beautiful. My consultations & workshops focus on ways to unleash our Femme Fatale within, embracing the kind of lifestyle & mindset that maximize our potentials.