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YOHAKU salon vol.5

YOHAKU salon vol.5

YOHAKU salon provides business athletes time to realize their inner “Blank space”through sound bath and chanoyu experience.
Also, we aim to review your role that you have unconsciously imposed and lead to a flat state in the conversation with the guest speaker who makes good use of “the blank space” and builds her own style of work and privacy.
Please take this opportunity to feel the calm “fulfilling time for emptying your mind”.

Crystal Om /Sound Therapist

Shota Yamada /Athlete Ceramist


Hitomi Ito
a Kimino artist who grow up in Kyoto and spend daily life in Kimono
Creator of a kimono lifestyle/enso Inc.CEO

Hitomi Ito is a kimono stylist, kimono model and creator of a kimono lifestyle.
She was born as the first child at Ryōsokuin where the temple is a sub-temple within Kenninji Temple, located in Gion in Kyōto. She was grown up in a peaceful and healing atmosphere.
At grandfather’s Buddhist memorial service day, she saw elegantly attired monks recited a sutra. That had a big impact and impressive on her and served as a starting point for her interest in a kimono dressing.
In 2008, she has obtained a teaching certificate at Nishijin Textile Industry Association and got a qualification for a bridal kimono dressing, Geisha and Maiko dressing.
She biased her activities as a kimono stylist and a designer of kimono articles and accessories in Gion in Kyoto.
In 2013, she has worked as the lecturer of a kimono dressing in the makeup and hair specialist course at Human Academy Co., Ltd.
In October 2015, she moved to Tokyo for new challenge.
In April 2016, she opened a private salon called “enso” in Shirogane, Tokyo.
She also works on a kimono styling on magazines and TV and joins kimono events, talk show and artworks in Japan and international. Her activates are familiar existence for a kimono lifestyle.
In 2023, – Washi paper -shiori-, an original product made of Japanese paper with the 1300 years of wisdom and the latest patented technology, will be released and she established enso Inc.

Official HP:https://hitomi-ito.com/
enso HP:https://shop.ensoofficial.jp/

November 24 19:00-21:30
Admission capacity:9 Invite only
Funds:3000 yen
Please put on easy-to-take off shoes and comfortable clothes.