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YOHAKU salon vol.3

YOHAKU salon vol.3

YOHAKU salon provides business athletes time to realize their inner “Blank space”through sound bath and chanoyu experience.
Also, we aim to review your role that you have unconsciously imposed and lead to a flat state in the conversation with the guest speaker who makes good use of “the blank space” and builds her own style of work and privacy.
Please take this opportunity to feel the calm “fulfilling time for emptying your mind”.

Crystal Om /Sound Therapist

Shota Yamada /Athlete Ceramist


Daisuke Yosumi
Author / Naturalist / Greenpeace Japan & Fair Trade Japan Ambassador

Yosumi created a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle in the lakeside woods in New Zealand, unconstrained by time, place, or money where he could pursue a workstyle independent of any organization or outside system.

After the birth of his first child, he took his minimalist skills to the next level that is an ultra-short work where he could focus on raising his child and only work in the morning for just three days in a single week.

He also recorded 10 million-seller hit during his time as a record producer.

Yosumi is a head of “LifestyleDesign.Camp”, a community where people learn how to design their own post-capitalism lifestyle.

His bestselling books include “Your Life’s ‘Don’t Need to Do’ List”, “50 Things You Can Let Go of to Earn True Freedom in Your 20’s”, and “An Introduction to Backpacking through the Mountains”.

Official HP:https://daisukeyosumi.com/

September 15 19:00-21:30
Admission capacity:9 Invite only
Funds:3000 yen
Please put on easy-to-take off shoes and comfortable clothes.