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YOHAKU salon vol.2

YOHAKU salon vol.2

YOHAKU salon provides business athletes time to realize their inner “Blank space”through sound bath and chanoyu experience.
Also, we aim to review your role that you have unconsciously imposed and lead to a flat state in the conversation with the guest speaker who makes good use of “the blank space” and builds her own style of work and privacy.
Please take this opportunity to feel the calm “fulfilling time for emptying your mind”.

Crystal Om /Sound Therapist

Shota Yamada /Athlete Ceramist


Max Mackee
Founder & CEO, Kammui Inc.

Max is a half English, half Japanese entrepreneur based in Tokyo.
He loves backcountry snowboarding. He met various back-country guides and was impressed by his view of life.
Taking these opportunities, he started Kammui.com in 2022 to create a system in which guides and instructors can continue activities and to bring people’s health and happiness by connecting nature with as many people as possible.


July 14 19:00-21:30
Admission capacity:9 Invite only
Funds:3000 yen
Please put on easy-to-take off shoes and comfortable clothes.