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Tea Ceremony –“Shouta Yamada” Athlete Ceramist × “S.E.N” Incense and matcha brands–

Tea Ceremony –“Shouta Yamada” Athlete Ceramist × “S.E.N” Incense and matcha brands–

“Cha no Yu” is a tea ceremony where matcha is made and served to customers. For tea, we value the once-in-a-lifetime meeting in which the owner who serves tea and the invited guests are in touch with each other. Taste S.E.N matcha in a bowl of ceramist Shouta Yamada.Enjoy a cup of tea between work in the EPW lounge and casually experience “vessel” and “matcha”.

My potteries

My work, which uses nature as a motif, such as the Fuji tea bowl, is particular about one thing, and the shape and design are all different. It fits in your hand and brings color and richness to your daily life.
by Shouta Yamada


The MATCHA Authentic
S.E.N realized a collaboration with a long-established matcha shop in Kyoto, which was founded in 1751, when developing matcha products. “The MATCHA Authentic” using high-quality matcha that won the gold medal in the Gyokuro / Matcha category of the Japanese tea competition “Japanese Tea Selection Paris” held in Paris, France in 2019 is with theanine, which has the effect of reducing stress. High in arginine, ideal for relaxing between work.
Please enjoy it as a dark tea called matcha espresso.

The MATCHA Modern
“The MATCHA Modern” is a new flavored matcha product series that adds fragrances such as fruits and chocolate to authentic Kyoto Uji matcha so that you can enjoy matcha more easily and on a daily basis.You can enjoy a faint scented flavor in the strong taste of matcha. Why don’t you make your home time a Japanese cafe time, such as making matcha latte or sprinkling it on ice cream?

by S.E.N

Date:November 11th
Place:EAT PLAY WORKS /Lounge 3F
Only EPW member can participate.


Shouta Yamada

Active as an athlete Ceramist. He started pottery as a teenager and and is making potteries at a workshop in Tokyo. Has a unique world view that expresses the "aesthetic consciousness" felt through sports such as rugby, triathlon, and yoga and as an ambassador for lululemon, he works to connect the world of sports with the world of art. He also holds solo exhibitions and tea ceremonies overseas such as France.
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It is a lifestyle proposal type D2C brand that aims to "create time and space to face oneself" through incense and matcha that specialize in relaxation.S.E.N proposes a new way of life to make "home time" richer and higher quality, based on the desire to "create a resting time that makes you feel like you are punctuating in your busy days."
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