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Taste Testing & Research Meeting / A new brand “Atrevio” first landed in Japan from Spain.

A new brand “Atrevio” first landed in Japan from Spain.

Atrevío, a new casual restaurant that you can enjoy around Jamon, the finest raw ham of Spain.
I can’t wait to listen to the voice and opinions of Jpanese people in this event with the aim of becoming a brand that continues to be loved.

“Original Spanish cuisine meets Japanese.”
I will show you the concept of the food.
Please experience the Spanish lifestyle.

June 8th Thursday


Frederik Jensen

Concept Creator/Food Innovator
A chef from Denmark. After working as a chef at Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen, Shanghai, and Kyoto, he produced Nikolai Bergman's Aoyama branch and Copenhagen's ROYAL SMUSHI CAFE concept in Japan, China and Korea.

Book writing:SMUSHI BOOK(2012 gourmand cookbook best in category)
WABISABI(Nominated 2013 gourmand cookbook best world cuisine )