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SPECIAL FRIDAY NIGHT ~EPW Socialize over drinks~

Once a month, our usual free drink time from 17: 00-20: 00 will be special !!

In order to have a good time as a place for members to interact, we will offer authentic cocktails by Mokkun, a bartender who has trained as a bartender in Australia and is currently involved in various food worlds in Japan.

In addition, we will prepare very popular premium snacks “Dry Fries” with a “crispy texture” that makes use of the yellow flesh and umami of Belgian potatoes from the French fries specialty store “AND THE FRIET”. Please join us!



After training as a bartender at a bar and club in Australia, he is the manager of the Mexican restaurant "Hacienda del cielo" in Daikanyama. His favorite cocktail is fresh fruit margarita.


A new sensation and rich French fries specialty store where you can choose your favorite varieties and cuts from 6 types of potatoes carefully selected for each season and combine them with dips and toppings.