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PITCH EVENT – EPW The 2nd Pitch Event

EPW Pitch Event -The Second-

The second pitch event will be held at EPW.
4 speakers who are EPW members and some investors and mentors will participate this time.
We are going to live stream on Instagram.Please take a look!

Please check the URL on Instagram a few days before the event.

1.Ishiko Masayoshi / suwaru co.,ltd.
2.Kazuhiko Inada / EXTENSIBLE INC.
3.Michio Kobayashi / Paronym Inc.
4.Wim.Sakura / +base inc.

・Kazuhiro Ishikura
・Yosuke Iwai
・Hiroshi Nakata
・Takashi Nishiki
・Katsuhiko Fukumoto
・Shigeru Masuda
・Another one person is planned

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