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Laysens Draft energy drink “Laysens Draft Blue”

Laysens Draft energy drink “Laysens Draft Blue”

A new energy drink exclusive for sauna is released from ‘Laysens Draft’, a new sense energy drink of non-sugar and non-chemical. This time, It will be held in commemoration of being certified as an official sauna drink of TOKYO CLASSIC CAMP.

Craft energy drink “Laysens Draft”

Laysens Draft is a non-sugar, non-chemical craft energy drink that overturns the common sense of conventional energy drinks. Not only is it healthy, but it also contains 1000mg of plant-derived amino acid ‘UCAA’. “UCAA” releases waste from the body from alcohol, stress, aging, and sleep deprivation.

October 5th 11:00-17:00
EPW members and their guests can participate.


MSD Corporation

MSD Co., Ltd. is developing new businesses and promoting commercial innovation at its new business development center, Laysens LAB., in Setaya-ku, Tokyo. "Commercial innovation" means innovation that does not depend on technological innovation.