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Karashima NUT’S -Delicious Nut Milk Tasting Party-

Karashima NUT’S -Delicious Nut Milk Tasting Party-

You can taste the ultra-rich nut milk without additives. Not only tasting but also sales. We also offer rich nut butter. Please come and enjoy a nutty day.

Karashima NUT’S

We are a nut milk specialty store which specializes in additive-free manufacturing methods in Nishi-honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka. Nut milk is a plant-based milk made from nuts such as almonds and cashew nuts, and our product does not use any milk or additives. Online sales have also started from October last year.
Many of our customers are looking for plant-based milk are not good at milk, are vegans and athletes, and all drink with a smile.

Cashew nut milk

Our recommended cashew nut milk uses plenty of nuts and is a nut milk with an ultra-rich taste that no one has ever drank.
In addition, since you can ingest oleic acid which is the same as more than 44 peanuts if you drink a cup of ours, it is a product that is good for your health and good for your skin.
You can enjoy it not only as it is, but also by mixing it with coffee or tea or by sprinkling it on granola. Top recommendation is the exquisite cocoa made from our nut milk.

When:January 22 Tuesday 11:00-16:00
Place:EAT PLAY WORKS 3F Lounge
EPW member and visitors can participate.


Karashima NUT’S Representative

Kazuyoshi Karashima

"Karashima NUT’S" representative Karashima coaches players who aim to become professional soccer players and young professionals.
At that time, He learned that a plant-based diet had a positive effect on the performance of athletes, and when he tried it hisself, he decided to take plant-based milk when he realized that he was in good physical condition and light. However, nut milk on the market has a long expiration date, so there are many additives and it does not go well with coffee, so he often ate nuts. Since he likes cafe au lait, he wondered if he could make delicious plant-based milk using nuts hisself, and through trial and error, he was able to create a rich nut milk without additives.