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Full Moon beauty meditation -Beauty routine on a full moon night vol.1

Full moon beauty meditation -Beauty routine on a full moon night vol.1

The average Moon cycle is 29.5 days. That is very close to a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is said that the female body which is around 60% water is also affected and on a full moon day, the gravitational pull of the moon affects the water in the body, which makes it easier to swell and absorbs more.
The full moon is said to affect not only the body but also the “female mind”. Many women say that on a full moon day, emotions such as anxiety and sadness suddenly appear and their emotions become unstable.Have you ever had a similar experience on a full moon day?

So why not start a new rutine of calming your mind and maintaining a beautiful appearance on a full moon day when the balance is tilted by the influence of the moon?


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Mr. Nirmal Raj Gyawali

He is a practitioner of the ancient wisdom of Himalayan meditation, having studied essential yoga (asana, breathing and meditation) from the age of nine at the Royal Arogya Ashram founded by his grandfather in Nepal. A thoroughbred of the meditation world, he began teaching royalty and dignitaries at the age of 15. At the age of 22, he completed his PhD in Yoga Meditation and graduated in Business Administration from the prestigious Tribhuvan University and became a meditation researcher with a strong business background. He is a professional educator who has taught in 20 countries for nearly 30 years and has trained over 100 yoga and meditation teachers since coming to Japan in 2003. Since 2019, he has founded Suwaru Inc. He offers numerous methods of meditation and mindfulness for modern life, such as the Nirmal method recommended for business people.