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Enhance myself make up

Enhance myself make up

yUKI TAKESHIMA, a makeup artist and beauty innovator, suggests tools and solutions that can bring out everyone’s original beauty regardless of age, gender, and skin color.
“You are the only one who can be you.”

She, who is also a member of EPW, is holding a make-up class that you can like yourself more.
-Enhance myself make up- Why don’t you know some makeup techniques that will improve yourself?


Makeup artist& Beauty innovator / Founder of BISOU

Graduated from Make Up Christian Chauveau in Paris and earned a diploma.After that, She joined in the backstage of the collection in Milan, London, Paris.
Working in domestic and foreign fashion magazines, shows, and advertisements. She has offers from actresses and models who want her to put on makeup.
Since 2009, she has founded her own makeup brand, yUKITAKESHIMA.

Instagram: @yukimake



Instagram: @bisou_yukitakeshima

You can buy BISOU、yUKIBrush in the event.
※Cashless apps

October 5 Thursday
The two times are 8:30 to 9:30 and 10:00 to 11:00.
*2-part system(6 people each)We will stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
@EAT PLAY WORKS 4F Meeting room
Only EPW member participate.(we are accepting pre-entry.Please ask the receptionist.)
Things to bring:
Skincare, makeup tools that you usually use and a mirror.
*We recommend you to put make-up on as usual so that you can compare.
*You have to remove your makeup during the event. We will prepare the make-up remover.
*If you have any concerns, questions that you want to ask, or images that you want to be, please prepare them.