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【Workshop】Self-care routine that you should start at this season. About fragrance and plants

Self-care. Do you take care of yourself in your daily life?
Aromatherapy has the effect of adjusting human instincts, emotions, autonomic nerves, etc. by smelling 100% natural scents (aromatic substances) extracted from plants, and is also applied to health care and mental care. At this event, while learning scents and self-care, you will also make an aroma spray with your favorite scent.

MIKO Holistic Wellness

MIKO is a community that disseminates more integrated information on wellness and deepens its quest with the mission of “Together, We Make Wellness Accessible. We deal with not only physical and mental health but also consideration for environmental protection as the theme, and holistically face “living better”. We hold events inviting wellness experts, manage information exchange venues, expand people’s choices, and provide opportunities for everyone to transform into a better society.


Kasumi Tsubotani(guest lecturer)

(https://midori-note.com/)/ Aroma design therapist

Eriko Suzuki

MIKO Holistic Wellness co-founder / Fresco Capitalgeneral partner(https://www.miko-holisticwellness.org/)