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EPW /Carlos Garcia Mangado, Jerome Quilbeuf, Lisi Garcia Cisek, HIKOKONAMI

Join us for a “blindfolded” journey through your senses in this mindful blind tasting featuring six hand selected wines from Familia Torres Winery paired with signature tastes from Gracia Gastropub — tune in to yourself as we stimulate your unique sense of smell, taste, touch with wine & food. Sound pairing accompanies each pairing to elevate your sensory
perception and pleasure.
“ Never apologize for trusting your intuition – your brain can play tricks, your heart can be blind, but your gut is always right. “ Rachel Wolchin

6 wines pairing with small bites.

Wine : Carlos Garcia Mangado
Food : Jérôme Quilbeuf from Gracia
Voice guidance : Lisi Garcia Cisek

目隠しをして、視覚がない状態で、味、香り、食感、そして音、体で感じる感覚を研ぎ澄ませてマインドフルにいつもの食事の習慣を新しい視点で体験します。お料理はミシュラン3つ星の Restaurant Sant Pau の元シェフJerome Quilbeufが手がけるお店 Graciaから、ワインは同じくスペイン、Familia Torres Winery からワインマスターCarlos Garcia Mangado 厳選のワインをお届けします。そして各ディッシュに合わせた音を聴きながら静かにマインドフルネスに自分自身の身体の、心の、感覚を感じてみてください。
マインドフルリーダーシップの資格を持つ Lisi Garcia Cisek のガイド、音のプロディースはサウンドセラピストHIKOKONAMI でスペシャルなディナーを演出します。マインドフルな秋の夜を過ごしませんか?




Lisi Garcia Cisek

Lisi combines her leadership experience with her passion for holistic health and wellness and deeply believes in the transformative power of Mindful Living. She is a Mindful Leadership Coach, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Certified Teacher, and leads mindfulness-based leadership development programs that integrate mindfulness, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence. She also holds a WSET Level 3 Certification.

Carlos Garcia Mangado

He has had a strong passion for wine since the age 10. He holds a WSET Level 3 Certification and has worked in the wine industry for over 10 years representing boutique wineries from Spain , Australia and New Zealand across Asia. He is now based Tokyo as the Asia Regional Lead for Familia Torres Winery, ranked among top 3 most admired wine brands in the world by Drinks International Association.

Jérôme Quilbeuf

Chef Jérôme Quilbeuf is the executive chef of Gracia gastrobar de Barcelona Since 2004, he has been working for Michelin three-star restaurant Sant Pau in Spain, and became the executive chef of the Michelin two-star restaurant Sant Pau Tokyo.


Sound therapist / Mindfulness content creator /Meditation teacher
Born in Osaka, Japan, Hiko mover to NY in 2005 and spent 14 years there to study music and music therapy such as the renowned rhythmic movement method Dalcroze Eurythmics at Lucy Moses School and volunteer at NYU Nordff Robins Method. She holds an integrative sound and music certification from The Open Center NYC where she studied music as a healing tool and learned the ancient wisdom and science of creating specific sounds technically. Her work is not necessary located in a traditional meditation setting, and tends to be more creative, innovative, and playful in settings such as museums, music festivals, art galleries, schools and hospitals.
Hiko returned to her home country in 2019 and since has been working on many interesting projects in Tokyo and across Japan."