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Anyone can be an artist [120 minutes of art experience with wine] Collobate with artwine.tokyo

Art experience with wine in one hand! 120 minutes of art experience that anyone can be an artist in collaboration with artwine.Tokyo.

Collaboration with ‘artwine.tokyo’, which provides an art experience with the theme of ‘Place to Return to Artists’.
The lecturers from some Arts Colleges will guide you.
We hold a 120-minute art experience workshop where you can draw masterpieces of Gogh or Klimt with wine in one hand.

Not only painting materials such as paints, brushes, canvases, etc., but also an apron and a take-out container are prepared, so you can come empty-handed. Also, you can take a work you drew on the day back home.
Please enjoy your life where the usual space is colored with your own art.


Every Friday,Saturday,Sunday From February ※「artwine.tokyo」Please check the official website for details.
EAT PLAY WORKS F3 Meeting Space
*It includes painting materials, wine, and take-out bags.
*For those who are not good at alcohol, we prepare mineral water and so on.
We welcome beginners, one person or anyone!

Please apply through the URL below.